BergHOFF International Vita 4.2 and 7.4 Qt Stove Top Pressure Cooker Set

BergHOFF International Vita 4.2 and 7.4 Qt Stove Top Pressure Cooker Set

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BergHOFF International Vita 4.2 and 7.4 Qt Stove Top Pressure Cooker Set
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BergHOFF International Vita 4.2 and 7.4 Qt Stove Top Pressure Cooker Set Review

2-pc Vita Stove Top Pressure Cooker Set gives fast food a whole new meaning with this set of pressure cookers! It includes a 4 liter and 7-liter stainless steel body, a pressure cover and a glass cover, allowing you to use the pots for regular cooking as well. The cookers have convenient scaling marks inside and can be used on any stovetop, including induction. No need to worry about safety thanks to the quick-release and open-lid regulator, the lid lock, and overpressure plug." ( Read more ... )
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