Dazey Lily Hand-Tufted Beige/Blue Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

Dazey Lily Hand-Tufted Beige/Blue Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

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Dazey Lily Hand-Tufted Beige/Blue Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug
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Dazey Lily Hand-Tufted Beige/Blue Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug Review

Garden grace shouldn't be limited to your blooming beauties out back - take the floral fancy to your floor space with this alluring area rug. Hand-tufted of polypropylene and acrylic pile, it's equally ideal elevating your home or sitting outside as it can stand up to natural damage from sunlight and rain. Showcasing a lovely lily design in hues of beige and blue, it's sure to grab a few glances no matter where you roll it out. Try letting it anchor a high-traffic area like the entryway to keep... ( Read more ... )
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Warming up hardwood and tile floors while setting the stage for the rest of your ensemble, area rugs are essential for nearly any room in your abode. Handmade in India, this one is constructed from wool, a natural fiber with the added benefit of extra grip that promotes proper posture, better balance, and accident prevention. It features a 0.75" pile height, making it the perfect pick for adding a plush stage setter that promotes coziness in the living room, bedroom, and beyond.
Immerse yourself with the feel of luxury, a blend of premium wool and pure viscose, along with fine needle tufting, created a dense, plush pile with a luminous effect. Edgy, contemporary patterns in soft neutral tones achieve an exceptional sophistication. Sturdy, reinforced cotton canvas backing protects the carpet and adds an extra layer of cushion.
Transform your décor with innovative designs in light and airy patterns. The interplay of texture using a cut and loop pile, coupled with subtle striations of color, add interest and enhances the look in your room. Sturdy, reinforced cotton canvas backing protects the rug and adds an extra layer of cushion.
Enter a world where the rug is the focal point of your décor where pattern and texture mingle in harmony. Hand-tufted by skilled artisans, this loop wool rug is created in design meant to be the star attraction in your room. Sturdy, reinforced cotton canvas backing protects the area rug and adds an extra layer of cushion.
This Mauriello Oversized Square Classic Farmhouse Wall Clock features a white distressed finish, horizontal wood slats and hand painted black Roman numerals. This classic farmhouse clock design will complement any décor style or setting.
This Oversized Vansickle Farmhouse Wall Clock features vertical wood slats, a lightly distressed white finish, hand painted elegant black Roman numerals at 12,3 6, and 9 o'clock, diamond hour marks at the remaining hours and antique style spade hands.
This Farmhouse Wall Clock features, hand painted black Roman numerals, round individual hour and minute markings around the outer edge of the face, old farmhouse clock co graphic in the center of the face, and antique-style spade hands.
This Farmhouse Wall Clock features horizontal wood slats, large and small sized hand painted black Roman numerals, an outer accent ring with the individual hour and minute marks, and black antique-style spade hands.

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