Replacement Spa Cover

Replacement Spa Cover

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Replacement Spa Cover
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Replacement Spa Cover Review

This Replacement Spa Cover by Lifesmart Spa is made specifically for the Lifesmart reward series (LS50) spa. The cover is an exact replacement for these spas and meets all ASTM safety standards. The cover folds in half and is tapered for water runoff during rain. The 2lbs density foam panels are wrapped in plastic to help prevent moisture absorption and heat loss. ( Read more ... )
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Placing An Order Once Online Shopping

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Nylon plus - The nylon-plus laminated material used to develop this air bed is the best material on the market and is what makes the Altimair beds so special. The high quality fibers are sturdy, puncture proof and they do not stretch. This means no leaks, and no air loss. This is important because most other PVC air beds will stretch over time and lose air pressure. This is a common complaint in the industry and not an issue with the Altimair line. Fabric - Coated with a lustrous, breathable...
Reduce your anxiety and sleep soundly with this blanket. Designed for adults or those with a minimum body weight of 120 lbs, this Luxury Quilted Faux Mink Weighted Blanket provides all-over comforting pressure to make you feel secure and relaxed. The faux mink colored cover features diamond quilting and the weighted insert has box quilting to prevent the polyester and glass bead filling from shifting. Ten inner ties paired with a zipper closure on the cover keeps the insert secure. The cover...
This DIY Threads Bed Skirt is perfect for those looking to add decor to their bedroom, while also hiding unsightly under bed storage! This bed skirt is enough to cover one full side and the front of the bed, which is perfect for dorm room beds as they are usually positioned up against a wall.
High impact, versatile bedding begins with this manufacturer. Stylish yet comfortable, our Threads Textured Duvet Cover makes for a cozy addition to your bedroom. This machine washable duvet cover encases your comforter or duvet insert for ultimate comfort and luxury.
Made in Portugal, this machine washable duvet cover adds a little luxury to your over sized bedding. The light neutral color and the soft cotton touch of this 300TC washed sateen duvet cover completes the look and feel of your bedroom. Sink into the elegant details of this duvet cover duvet cover as it wraps around your favorite down insert for a sleep like never before.
Solid and stable, you will love the Prestige Freestanding Ironing Board neat finish and elegant, modern design with a large ergonomic surface and an iron rest which can be adapted to most steam generators, it is also equipped with a practical linen rack, a secure closure system and a Laurastar quality cover.
You will love Comfort Freestanding Ironing Board, elegant and modern design. With a large ergonomic surface and an iron rest which can be adapted to most steam generators, it is also equipped with a secure closure system and a beige Laurastar quality cover.
Ideal for covering large patio dining sets, conversation seating, or pool or spa areas, this Offset Cantilever Umbrella offers so much placement versatility. The fade-resistant Olefin fabric can keep the color well and offer UV protection. The strong pole is made of aluminum with a cross base to make your umbrella stay firm. With vertical tilt mechanism, this large shade can offer multiple tilts so you're always in the cool.
This 10 Ft. W x 10 Ft. D Greenhouse features steel frame which makes it durable. A transparent cover is not only waterproof and UV-treated to help protect your plants, but also provides enhanced illumination which helps your plants grow. Seedlings and plants will grow in the ideal temperature they need. The design allows the greenhouse to be moved easily. The bottom rails design provide exceptional stability against the elements so you don't have to worry about it blowing away. This 10 Ft. W x...
This product will instantly beautify your fire table by adding a luxurious touch of brilliance as it reflects beneath the flame. This fire glass comes in two sizes and several color options, giving you endless customization opportunities. It has been tempered and washed, making each glass bead lustrous and safe to use, without ever discoloring or peeling due to the high heat. One bottle of it will cover two square feet and the base layer of your unit should consist of lava rock or pumice stones...

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