Stove Pipe Cast iron Wood Burning Chiminea

Stove Pipe Cast iron Wood Burning Chiminea

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Stove Pipe Cast iron Wood Burning Chiminea
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Stove Pipe Cast iron Wood Burning Chiminea Review

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This Mauriello Oversized Square Classic Farmhouse Wall Clock features a white distressed finish, horizontal wood slats and hand painted black Roman numerals. This classic farmhouse clock design will complement any décor style or setting.
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This Oversized Vansickle Farmhouse Wall Clock features vertical wood slats, a lightly distressed white finish, hand painted elegant black Roman numerals at 12,3 6, and 9 o'clock, diamond hour marks at the remaining hours and antique style spade hands.
This Oversized Vanvalkenburg Farmhouse Wall Clock a solid white finish on horizontal wood, the vintage 20's style Roman numerals give the clock a beautiful piece a nostalgic feel, that will blend with any décor style, from contemporary to rustic.
This Farmhouse Wall Clock features horizontal wood slats, large and small sized hand painted black Roman numerals, an outer accent ring with the individual hour and minute marks, and black antique-style spade hands.
This Farmhouse Wall Clock features on horizontal wood, hand painted black Arabic numerals, and antique style spade hands.
This Oversized Albinson Farmhouse Wall Clock features horizontal wood slats, a lightly distressed finish, hand-painted Roman numerals, an inner accent ring with individual hour marks, and antique style spade hands.
This Oversized Ostergren Farmhouse Wall Clock horizontal wood slats, a lightly distressed white finish, hand painted Arabic numerals, diamond-shaped hour marks and round minute marks around the outer edge of the face, and antique style spades hands.

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